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With industry experience from small business to corporate, Tuff Puffin is the team you need to jumpstart your business marketing.

As a one-person outfit, I handle everything from conceptualization to production, and I take on all post-production services.

In 2007, I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with an option in Electronic Media Production. Shortly after, I moved to Colorado to become the Commercial Producer for the local ABC affiliate in Grand Junction. For the next two years, I wrote scripts for commercials while shooting and editing them as I went along. This was right when HD videography hit the market, so it was exciting times.

I then moved on to become the Promotion Director at the local CBS affiliate. There, I became immersed in web design and motion graphics – skills that would eventually persuade me to start working for myself as a freelance media producer.

I created Neon Desert Design as an LLC and began serving all of the Western US region. I took on clients in New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and many other places soon after to round out my portfolio in order to shape the body of work which you see today.

In 2020, I made the transition to Portland, OR to start a new company but the pandemic had other plans. BlastbeatPDX was a company that last about year, and after making a move to the Oregon Coast the time to dissolve BlastbeatPDX and start fresh felt imminent. Tuff Puffin now stands as the primary focus and return to true form.  

Documentaries, commercials, websites, corporate projects, and event specialties are my main focus. Hire me and I’ll put my skills to work.

Ross Deardorff, TUFF PUFFIN Creative Director

Ross, Morgan, and Porter


Contemporary production with a node to the classics.

Compulsive email-checkers with a fast turnaround.

Good storyboarding and proficient production makes production go smooth and effortless on your part.

Questions and ideas on how to improve your marketing? We love to hear it and we're open to collaborating any time.

Our end product has the look and feel you need to be successful.

Real solutions get real results.