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we are a PNW creative agency we offer solutions to all things digital Under the Interface we love what we do :-)
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Small Business Marketing Solutions

Yes, it's true! With over 15 years in the professional creative arena, I've produced 100s of commercials for local, regional, and national clients for TV and web. I started designing websites when there was a growing need for clients to house their content and to capture leads from digital ad campaigns. There's a formula that works, and I stick to it. Bring me your ideas and I'll funnel them into something creative and lucrative on any platform.

Ross DEARDORFF, Creative Director

Website Design


Designing websites that are eye-catching is the fun part, and creating a website that can capture business leads is the FUNctional part. A new site isn't just something you hang on the wall when it's complete: it changes and evolves, just like your business.


Video Production


Writing a script, shooting the video, editing the footage, and delivering the final cut is all-encompassing. Each step is equally important and we take each project from start to finish.


Get Your Message Out There


Tell the people! There are more ways imaginable for you to push your message out in front of potential customers, and we keep up with them all. Google Ads, YouTube, and Social Media are the three kings...but don't limit yourself there! Contact us today to learn more.

Check out our latest video work for Clatsop Community College

Multi-Purpose Video Production


A good storyboard, outline, or script is the best place to start! Toss out all your ideas out on the table and we’ll sort through them to determine the best course of action.


Whether it’s a website, video, or ad campaign – this is the part where we dig in and create something unique. It’s also pretty fun (unless you have to hold a boom microphone for 2+ hours).


Editing is where the story comes together. All of the good lighting, sound, and massive effort that went into the production make this part go seamless and fast!


Once the video or site is complete, this is where we release it into the world. Get jazzed, because a well-placed ad can deliver the goods right to your door!


Analysis and metrics is how we fine-tune and make sure the campaign is effective, as well as the message we’re creating. Reporting can be done weekly or monthly, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way!


Video Production

Web Development

Print Design

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